MeriCrusher MJHS PTO-driven Mulcher

Power range 200-750hp

Rotor diameter 600mm / 24"

Working depth 300mm / 12"

MJHS forestry tiller and mulcher for heavy duty land and forestry clearing

Designed for medium and large tractors up to 750hp, the MeriCrusher MJHS mulcher is engineered for heavy duty forestry and land clearing where Effectiveness and Durability are paramount. With a subsoil working depth of 12"(300mm), MJH/G series are equipped with dual G series gear transmissions, while MJH/X series feature single or dual X-series gear transmission. Modular design and engineering allow for optimal selection of components for efficient operation, and future upgrades.

Typical working environments


  • Crushing of harvesting leftovers
  • Preparing of hauling lines
  • Soil preparing for planting
  • Maintenance of forest roads
  • Clearing of vegetation and undergrowth


  • Clearing of building sites
  • Crushing of stumps
  • Clearing of power lines
  • Right of way clearing
  • Clearing of firebreaks


  • Clearing of new farm land
    (forest to farm clearing)
  • Reclaiming soil for farming
  • Orchard clearing
  • Farm road maintenance

MJHS -MULCHER (Patented Sizing Screen)

MJHS -MULCHER (Patented Sizing Screen)

Mulcher for projects requiring finely screened material

MeriCrusher MJHS PTO-driven mulcher is ideal for medium and large tractors up to 750hp, with the latest crushing technology, MeriCrusher MJHS- rotating sizing screen series forestry tillers are engineered for the most demanding of professionals, and projects. For the MJHS all the transmission options are available. DTG / STX for 200-400hp tractors and DTX for tractors up to 750hp. Suokone designed and made gear transmission, are always protected by the Patented Suokone POC safety clutch, full power transfer is assured. In MJHS-forestry mulchers the wear parts around the rotor chamber are designed to be bolt on, body wear liner, counter blades, side gearbox guards etc. Bolt on attachments allows the use of special wear materials in places where it is most needed. The optimized shape of rotor chamber improves the material flow and increases productivity. With several rotor options, and patented rotating sizing screen, the MeriCrusher MJHS mulcher gives extremely fine results in all conditions and allows you to work deep in the ground.

  • STB-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutters for heavy soil and dense vegetation.
  • UNT-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutters and extra durable, forged cutter holders for more abrasive and demanding conditions
  • UNTH rotor with Cost Effective conical carbide cutter and extra durable, forged cutter holders for heavy soil and abrasive conditions. UNTH-rotor gathers the best features of STB and UNT rotor in to one.



  • Power range 200 - 750 hp
  • Rotor diameter 600mm / 24"
  • Working depth 300mm / 12"
  • Rotor widths (mm) 2410 / 3110
  • Rotor widths (inch) 95 / 122


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