MeriRoad equipment

Efficient road - stone crushers and soil stabilizers for tractors

Full line of machinery for efficient gravel road maintenance, stabilizing and mixing

Road Crusher RC65 Power range 130-400hp
Rotor diameter 60-65cm / 24-26"
Working depth 35cm / 14"

Road Crusher RC90 Power range 280-550hp
Rotor diameter 85cm / 34"
Working depth 45cm / 18"

MeriGrader for levelling and profiling

MeriPacker for efficient soil compacting

Road maintenance equipment for professionals

MeriRoad equipment is ideal for heavy duty Road and Construction professionals. Designed for medium and large tractors to 550hp, for work where Effectiveness and Durability are paramount.

Modular engineering allows for optional selection of components for efficient operation and future upgrades. Crushers with a subsoil working depth of up to 18" (450mm) are equipped with dual G series gear transmissions.  The MeriGrader and MeriPacker complete the product range.  All work phases can be completed with MeriEquipment.

Typical uses for MeriRoad road maintenance equipment


  • Crushing before Stabilization
  • Preparation before laying asphalt
  • Recycling of asphalt and gravel roads
  • Stabilization of all types of roads with easily accessible materials such as cement, polymers, ash, dolomite, lime
  • Maintenance of forest, communal and agricultural roads
  • Construction of outdoor feed pads
  • Subsoil and soil reclamation
  • Stump removal


  • Grading and general maintenance of all types of gravel based roads
  • Profiling of gravel roads after construction
  • Cutting of ditch edges
  • Grading and profiling of gravel based areas and yards


  • Compaction of gravel roads after milling or grading
  • Compaction of building, parking, sport, yard and other areas
  • Compaction of track yards, and track areas
  • Compaction of hiking, skiing and other pathways

RC65 Road Crusher

RC65 Road Crusher / Soil stabilizer for tractors

Multitask Crusher for professional use

MeriRoad RC65 multitask crushers are designed for demanding projects and professional contracting in extreme environments. RC65 Soil stabilizer is ideal for medium and high power tractors to 400hp, and working in conditions where Reliability and Durability are paramount, the multitask RC65 series is your first choice.

Power is transmitted to the rotor through patented Suokone POC safety clutches and dual G-series gear drives.  RC65 wear parts guarding the crushing chamber, wear liner, side drives and the counter blades are bolt off / bolt on.  These bolt-on components allow the use of special abrasion resistant materials. The optimized shape of the rotor chamber improves material flow with increased productivity. Modular design and engineering allow for optimal selection of components for efficient operation and future upgrades.  The UNTH-rotor with Cost Effective conical carbide tools give excellent crushing and mixing results.  With a rotor diameter of 60 or 65cm, maximum free cutting depth is 13 - 15cm.


  • Power range 130 - 400 hp
  • Rotor diameter 650mm / 26"
  • Working depth 350mm / 14"
  • Rotor width (mm)  2210 / 2410
  • Rotor width (inch)  87 / 95

RC90 Road Crusher NEW SERIES

RC90 Road and Stone Crusher / Soil stabilizer for tractors NEW SERIES

Soil stabilizer for tractors and for demanding professional use

Designed for the most demanding of projects the MeriRoad RC90 sets new standards for the professional contractor. 

With a high volume rotor chamber, and hydraulically adjustable counter blade, material handling on gravel road crushing, soil stabilization and mixing projects are taken to a new level.

A rear hydraulic crushing screen helps produce perfectly sized material. 

Independently controlled hydraulic side skids allow for easy depth control and lateral rotor tilting to match the soil or road profile.

Ideal for high power tractors to 550hp, and working in conditions where Reliability, Durability, Capacity and Versatility are paramount, the MeriRoad RC90 is simply your first choice.

Power is transmitted to the rotor through patented Suokone POC safety clutches and dual G-series gear drives.

Wear parts protecting the RC90 rotor chamber are bolt-off / bolt-on.  Body wear liner and counter blades can be replaced without removing the rotor. Bolt-on components allow for the use of special abrasion resistant materials in the areas with the most need.

The large volume rotor and crushing chamber improves material flow, and increases productivity.

Modular design and engineering allows for optimal component selection for efficient operation and future upgrades.

The UNTH-rotor with Cost Effective 22mm conical carbide tools, and bolt on replaceable holder protection give excellent crushing results.

With an 85cm diameter rotor, the MeriRoad RC90 boasts a maximum free cutting depth of  25cm


  • Power range 280 - 550 hp
  • Rotor diameter 850mm / 34"
  • Working depth 450mm / 18"
  • Rotor width (mm)  2210
  • Rotor width (inch)  87



Tractor grader for gravel road maintenance, profiling and leveling

Tractor grader MGR is a simple and strong compact lift arm mounted grader suited for small to large operations.

Tractor grader is well suited for annual maintenance and profiling of gravel roads when working with a MeriCrusher. 

Used for levelling and grading of gravel based roads and other areas, a unique grader blade equipped with conical carbide tools precedes the main levelling blades. 

Hydraulically adjustable, the working depth of this grader blade is easily controlled without the use of lift arms.  Final levelling is accomplished using hydraulically controlled levelling blades.

The MeriGrader MGR may be used in the forward or reverse driving direction. The lift arm mounted structure makes transportation and turning effortless.  Hydraulic function and speed of operation are controlled from a joystick mounted in the operator's cabin.


  • Weight: 2700 kg
  • Grading plate width: 2,1 m
  • Levelling plate width: 2,5 - 4,2 m



Tractor compactor for efficient soil compacting

The MeriPacker MPC-375 is a PTO driven tractor compactor with triple section vibrating plate that can be attached to either the front or rear lift arms of a tractor.

Each of three independent vibrating elements has its own closed loop hydraulic circuit (pump and motor), guaranteeing a uniform compaction force of 75KN, and a compaction depth of up to 50cm from each element. The triple section design allows each element to provide a perpendicular dynamic compaction force for excellent results.

The articulated vibrating elements adapt to the profile of the uncompacted surface.

Hydraulically controlled offset of +/- 35cm allows work near obstructions and steep edges.

The mobile and compact tractor-mounted combination allows work in difficult and uneven terrain, where traditional roller compactors can not operate.


  • Width: 2,5 m
  • Weight:  2600 kg
  • Compacting depth: 10 - 50 cm
  • Compacting force: 3 x 75 Kn
  • Vibration frequency / Amplitude: 30-55 Hz / 2,12 mm


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