MeriCrusher MJS -Hydraulic

Rotor diameter 500mm / 20"

Working depth 250mm / 10"

MJS/G hydraulic mulcher for demanding forestry and land clearing contractors

Suitable for high flow compact, skid and tracked hydraulic carriers, MeriCrusher MJS/G hydraulic mulchers are well suited for forestry and land clearing, crushing of stumps, clearing development and construction sites, rights of way construction and maintenance, any place a strong, purpose built subsoil machine is required. With a maximum working depth of 10" (250mm), and strong G-series gearboxes, the MeriCrusher MJS/G is designed and engineered with a modular concept, allowing the machine and its uses to grow and change with your requirements.

MJS/G -MULCHER (Hydraulic)

MJS/G -MULCHER (Hydraulic)

MJS/G hydraulic mulcher

Mulcher designed for demanding conditions and contractors, the MeriCrusher MJS/G hydraulic mulcher is ideal for wheel and track machines up to 250hp. Two speed hydraulic motors, and G-series gearboxes are used to transmit power to the rotor in these purpose built subsoil machines. With extremely high torque, and ideal rotor speed, the MJS/G hydraulic mulcher will power its way through most conditions. Equipped with conical carbide cutters, and extra durable forged tool holders, your operating cost will be kept to a minimum.


  • Power range 90 -250 hp
  • Working pressure 400bar / 5800psi
  • Rotor diameter 500mm / 20"
  • Working depth  250mm / 10"
  • Rotor widths (mm) 1610
  • Rotor widhts (inch) 63


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