MeriCrusher MC4 -Hydraulic driven forestry mulcher

For excavators

Rotor diameter 400mm / 16"

Working depth 200mm / 8"

MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic forestry mulcher and forestry tiller for versatile land clearing and soil reclamation work

Used with excavators, the MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic shows its versatility crushing forest residue, clearing land for site development, maintaining gravel roads, crushing ice, removing stumps and roots, to a maximum working depth of 8" (200mm). Modular bolted design allows for easy attachment of accessories depending on the job that needs to be done. And makes the future upgrades possible.

Typical working environments


  • Crushing of harvesting leftovers
  • Preparing of hauling lines
  • Soil preparing for planting
  • Maintenance of forest roads
  • Clearing of vegetation and undergrowth


  • Crushing of vegetation at the side of roads and ditches
  • Crushing of stumps
  • Clearing land before seeding and planting
  • Clearing of power lines
  • Clearing of firebreaks


  • Clearing the side areas of farm land
  • Clearing the vegetation from ditch edges
  • Farm road maintenance

MC4 -MULCHER for excavators 10-25 metric ton (Direct drive hydraulic)

MC4 -MULCHER for excavators 10-25 metric ton (Direct drive hydraulic)

Forestry mulcher and tiller for versatile use

MC4 series MeriCrushers with direct drive hydraulic are designed for versatile mulching work. Hydraulic motor is straightly connected to the rotor which makes the construction simple and keeps the weight low. MC4 is ideal for excavators 10 – 25 metric ton. Working in conditions where light weight and durability are paramount, the MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic gives excellent crushing results from the STD and STE rotor equipped with cost effective carbide cutters. Combinatation of rotors high torque and low weight ensures the rotors minimal recovery time. Thanks to low cuting speed working close to buildings and traffic is safe and harmless, compared to working with high speed mulchers. Direct drive motor enables the rotating of the rotor to both directions.

  • STD-rotor with Cost Effective conical carbide cutters for less abrasive, but demanding conditions.
  • STE-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutters. Available with conical or non rotating more cutting (eagle head) cutters. For abrasive and demanding conditions.
  • UNV4-rotor with Cost Effective carbide cutter. Protecting front part of the holder works as a bite limiter, reducing the stresses of the cutters and making the rotors cutting more smoother. Available with conical or non rotating more cutting (eagle head) cutters. For abrasive and demanding conditions.

Meri Rotator New

Rotator allows the operator to place the mulcher in the desired working position. Safe, and versatile positioning reduces carrier movement and makes the working more efficient. Using the rotator, work can be accomplished while swinging the boom or moving the boom normally. Work is possible in narrower, confined environments, where the use of a fixed mounted crusher would be impossible or much more difficult.

  • Rotary coupler large five channel coupler with 1" hose connections ensures unobstructed oil flow to the motor.
  • 360 degree continous rotation with no expoced hydraulic hoses


  • Power range 50 - 100 hp
  • Max working presssure 240bar / 3500psi
  • Rotor diameter 400mm / 16"
  • Working depth 200mm / 8"
  • Rotor widths (mm) 1350 / 1750 / 2250
  • Rotor widths (inch) 53 / 69 / 89


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