MJH stumpers and forestry tillers for stump crushing and planting furrow tilling

NEW! MJH-Stumper for stump crushing and planting furrow tilling

New products!

MJH-0.8 DT Stumper - Versatile stumper and planting furrow tiller

MJH-1.2 Stumper - Versatile stumper and forestry tiller

MJH-Stumpers are designed for small and medium size tractors up to 300hp, the MeriCrusher MJH-stumpers are engineered for heavy duty stump crushing and planting furrow tilling. Effectiveness and Durability are paramount. With a subsoil working depth of 12"(300mm), MJH-0.8 DT is equipped with dual double row chain drives, while MJH-1.2 series feature single or dual G-series gear transmission. Modular design and engineering allow for optimal selection of components for efficient operation, and future upgrades.

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