Custom made modifications to MeriCrusher made by Martens Iquipment

Custom made modifications to MeriCrusher made by Martens Iquipment

Interesting custom made modifications to MeriCrusher made by Martens Iquipment. Martens Iquipment has sold two MJHS-241 STX MeriCrushers to their customer BEPA BVBA. BEPA BVBA uses another MeriCrusher to make fertilizer from organic waste. They collect organic waste from people and cities on tree branches, stumps, vegetation etc, They collect the waste in large piles. MeriCrusher is used for crushing and mulching material into smaller parts. The mulch is then left to rot for a short time. Then the mulch is collected and pealed off in layers by front loader and spread to the fields as fertilizer. Several other methods and mulchers were tested in this process, MeriCrusher appeared to give the best end result in most cost effective way. To facilitate crushing of high piles. Martens Iquipment built power frame and special rear roller on their second crusher. Rotor frame can be turned up and down while the full torque is on. Turning of the rotor frame does not influence to the cardans shaft angles between the tractor and crusher. Rear roller is with extra large movement and it does not move with the rotor frame. Quite a fellas we`d say. Different for a reason.
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