Multible Forestry Applications



Mulching has proven to be a fast and efficient method for forestry clearing. Initially, large trees and rocks are removed. After the area is cleared with the mulcher by driving in different directions several times. This significantly reduces the need for transporting soil and stumps compared to traditional excavator methods.

We recommend MJHS and MJFS series mulchers for large areas and abundant amounts of wood. For smaller areas, MJ and MJS models are also suitable. The MJHS mulcher can effectively crush soil and stumps up to 30 cm deep, with a working width ranging from 1.2 to 3.1 meters. As increasing the driving speed is limited, efficiency can be enhanced by increasing the machine's width; the MJHS model can have a width of up to 3.1 meters, with a reasonable weight of four tons. A large agricultural tractor or, for example, Suokone's MT-700 tracked tractor, can serve as the power source for the wide mulcher.

The MJHS and MJFS series mulchers can harness the power of large tractors, and their power transmission can be equipped to withstand up to 800 horsepower. The MJFS series mulchers can reach a working depth of up to 40 cm. The pivoting rotor frame (power frame) allows the rotor to travel first, facilitating the crushing of tall stumps and the felling of thick trees without the PTO shaft angle becoming too large.

MJS, MJHS, and MJFS mulchers can be equipped with a sizing screen as an accessory, producing a very fine crushing and mulching result. This eliminates the need for a separate, high speed top soil mulcher. The screen allows for working deep below the surface without compromising the quality of the mulching result.



Mulching logging residues and removing stumps after forest clearing is essential in many countries for pest control and for preparing the forest floor before new forest can be planted. Mulching is a much faster method than felling, clearing and transporting the stumps and branches away. Mulched branches and stumps are also excellent fertilizer for new trees.

Unlike mulchers by other manufacturers, MeriCrusher mulchers can reach depths of 20–40 centimeters beneath the surface. This can be achieved even with our agile 1.4–2.3 meter MJ series mulchers. Even stony soil with a high mineral content is not a problem, as our rotors spin relatively slowly with very high torque and are able to crush also stones. When the forest undergrowth is mixed with the mineral subsoil, it creates excellent soil for growing new forest.

Our MJ series mulchers can be powered by 50–150 horsepower tractors and our MJS series mulchers by 110-180 horsepower tractors. Small tractors are a benefit in the forest, as they are light, agile and inexpensive.

MeriCrusher mulchers use standard conical carbide cutters that cost a fraction of the price of custom made cutters.



A mulcher is an excellent tool for maintaining forest roads. It can effectively soften and rehabilitate uneven and pot holed hard roads, which can be challenging to repair with a grader. MeriRoad crushers can reach 20-40 centimeters working depth into the road. All materials, including stones, are crushed in place, resulting in a smooth road surface. Compaction of the surface layer is recommended using a MeriPacker vibrating plate, ensuring better traffic-bearing capacity for the milled layer. If needed, the road can be shaped with a MeriGrader.

The primary advantage of milling is that there's no need to transport or bring in new material. This significantly saves on material and transportation costs, speeds up the work, and promotes environmental friendliness.

RC-series crushers are specifically designed for the rehabilitation of gravel roads. They do not have a rear roller; instead, there are hydraulic material control plates at the front and rear.


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