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Mulchers are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of clearing the land on new building plots. The mulched soil from the building site can be reused for landscaping elsewhere on the property, eliminating the need for the costly and time-consuming transportation of new soil and waist soil off the land.

Building plots usually have narrow and tight spaces, so the mulcher and tractor need to be relatively light. Our MJ series mulchers can be powered by 50–150 horsepower tractors, which are ideal for operating in tight spaces with a lightweight mulcher. The smallest MJ hydraulic models require just 30 horsepower, making them perfect for clearing the smallest building plots or single stumps in gardens. MJ hydraulic models can also be attached to the end of an excavator, enabling you to reach into tight spaces and up on slopes.

Our larger MJS series mulchers in turn are ideal for bigger contracting tasks and for clearing large building plots.

MJS, MJHS and MJF mulchers are available with an optional screen that produces extremely fine mulch. The crushing and screening takes place automatically while mulching, eliminating the need for a second fast-spinning mulcher. Instead, subsoiling and extremely fine mulch can be achieved with one machine.



Mulchers are the best way to control undergrowth and keep landscapes open, for example in parks, on golf courses and beneath electricity lines. Compared to using brush cutters and transporting all the cut branches, mulchers are also extremely fast and efficient.

It is important when landscaping to mulch also the roots beneath the surface. If the roots are left undamaged, they will use the restored topsoil as fertilizer and grow back rapidly with thick stems. All MeriCrusher mulchers, including our smallest models, have a subsoil working depth of at least 20 centimeters. Mulching the roots deep beneath the soil will control thickets for much longer and remove stumps altogether, so further conditioning can be done with lighter equipment, such as a mower conditioner.

MeriCrusher mulchers are light weight, enabling them to be used with smaller and lighter tractors that are less expensive to own and operate, as well as more agile than large tractors.

For park maintenance tasks, our MJ and MJS series mulchers are also available as hydraulic models, enabling them to be used with skid steer and tracked loaders. Our hydraulic mulchers can also be attached to the end of excavators, giving them maximum reach.



Mulchers are the ideal tool for preparing soil for underground pipelines and powerlines, as well as for constructing roads. The mulched soil can be moved to the side and then moved back afterwards to cover the ditch or road or used instead for landscaping. This eliminates the need for the costly and time-consuming transportation of old soil off the land and new soil back onto the land.

When constructing oil and gas pipelines, soil should be replaced in the same order as it was removed. This is almost impossible with an excavator but very simple when using a subsoiler mulcher.

In cold climates, powerlines are often constructed in wintertime to help preserve the environment. MeriCrusher mulcher rotor spin relatively slow with a lot of torque and can be powered by tractors with a lot of horsepower, so mulching and subsoiling of frozen soil is not a problem. Our MJS series mulchers have a subsoil working depth of 25 centimeters, MJHS series mulchers 30 centimeters and MJFS series mulchers 40 centimeters.

Mulching frozen or stony soil can cause a lot of wear on the cutters. MeriCrusher mulchers use standard conical carbide cutters that cost a fraction of the price of custom made cutters. Due to the low RPM of our rotors, the cutters also last much longer than those on high speed mulchers.



Mulchers are the ideal tool for maintaining gravel roads. Mulchers can be used to repair bumpy and hard roads that can no longer be levelled with a blade.

MeriCrusher mulchers can reach depths of 20–40 centimeters beneath the surface of the road. All of the road materials, stones included, are crushed while the surface is levelled simultaneously. Instead of having to create a windrow material can be crushed where it is on the road. Mulchers can also be used to remove or shave layers of asphalt.

The big advantage of using a mulcher is that it eliminates the need to transport road materials away and replace them with new materials. This generates significant savings in material and transportation costs, accelerates work and helps save the environment.

The RC models of our MJHS series of mulchers have been designed especially for repairing gravel roads. Instead of a rear roller, they have hydraulic material guide plates in front and rear.



Mulchers are the ideal tool for removing ice from roads, parking areas and paths in wintertime. Mulchers can even handle large chunks of ice that typical snow blowers, plows and blades cannot. Whereas plows and blades rely on the speed and mass of the tractor, they are not suitable for clearing tight spaces that require a lot of stopping and starting. In addition, when crushing snow and ice on top of gravel roads, the mulcher can be used to mulch the gravel road itself to provide a layer of gravel on top of the snow and ice. Alternatively, the crushed snow and ice can also be removed easily afterwards using a traditional plow or snow blower. MeriCrusher mulchers can even be specified with a snow blower to remove the crushed snow and ice at the same time.

Crushing of ice requires relatively high rotor speeds, so our smaller MJ and MJS series models are most suitable for these tasks. They are also relatively light and agile, so they can be used with smaller, more affordable and lighter tractors.

Ice and hard packed snow can also be removed using our hydraulic MJ and MJS mulchers. The smallest MJ hydraulic models require just 30 horsepower and can be attached to a skid steer loader, for example, making them perfect for removing snow and ice from yards and other tight areas.


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