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Mulching is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for clearing the soil on a new building plot. The processed soil from mulching can be used later for landscaping the plot. This reduces the costly and time-consuming transportation of waste soil from the site. At the same time, it decreases the need to bring new soil to the site for landscaping purposes.

Building plots often have narrow and confined spaces, requiring a relatively lightweight mulcher and tractor. Our MJ series mulchers can be powered by tractors with 50–150 horsepower, making them well-suited for operating in tight spaces with a lightweight mulcher. The smallest hydraulic MC4-series mulchers require only 30 horsepower, making them ideal for clearing small building plots or single stumps in gardens. The MC4 hydraulic series can also be attached to an excavator, enabling access to tight spaces and slopes.

For larger contracting tasks and clearing extensive construction sites, our MJS, MJHS, and MJFS series mulchers are well-suited.

MJS, MJHS, and MJFS mulchers can be equipped with a sizing screen as an accessory, producing a very fine crushing and mulching result. This eliminates the need for a separate, high speed top soil mulcher. The screen allows for working deep below the surface without compromising the quality of the mulching result.



Maintaining Open Spaces (Parks, Golf Courses, Power Lines, Roadside, etc.)

Mulching is the best method for controlling vegetation, especially in parks, golf courses, and under power lines. In comparison to using a chainsaw and removing branches, mulching is a fast and efficient process.

In landscaping, it's crucial to mulch the root system of the undergrowth. By crushing the vegetation along with its roots, regrowth occurs significantly slower, extending the maintenance intervals. All MeriCrusher mulchers penetrate the ground to a depth of at least 20 centimeters, including the smallest models. The MeriCrusher mulcher also crushes the root system, making it much more challenging for new undergrowth to sprout. Without stumps, it's easy to keep it cleared with lighter equipment such as a flail mower.

MeriCrusher mulchers are lightweight, enabling the use of smaller and lighter tractors. A small tractor is more cost-effective to use and acquire, as well as more agile than a larger tractor.

The hydraulic mulchers from the MC4 and MC5 series are well-suited for park use. In this case, the working machine can be, for example, a compact loader, skid steer loader, or a small wheel loader.

The hydraulic mulcher can also be attached to the boom of an excavator, significantly extending its reach. Excavator-mounted mulchers are excellent for mulching vegetation along roadsides and clearing vegetation around power lines in places where tractor-mounted mulchers cannot have access.



Mulching and crushing is the most effective right of way clearing method for new and rehabilitative clearing of power and pipeline lines.

Valuable trees should be removed, and the remaining trees, stumps, and vegetation are crushed and mulched with a MeriCrusher. The mulched soil can be moved to the side of the pipeline or future roadbed and finally lifted back onto the line or used for landscaping.

This avoids the expensive and slow process of transporting waste soil away from the construction site and bringing in new soil for landscaping.

When constructing oil and gas pipelines, there may be a desire to place the soil back onto the pipeline in the same order as it was originally. In cold climates, pipeline construction is sometimes carried out during frozen ground conditions to minimize environmental impact. The MeriCrusher crushes layers 30-40 cm deep, which can be easily moved aside with an excavator. Once through the frost layer, the remaining earthmoving can be done with just an excavator.

MeriCrusher's slow-rotor speed with high torque, and high-power-resistant handle the frozen ground with ease. The MJS series mulchers reaches a depth of 25 centimeters, the MJHS reaches 30 centimeters, and the MJFS reaches an impressive 40 centimeters of working depth.

When milling frozen or rocky soil, cutter wear is faster. MeriCrusher mulchers  use standard carbide-tipped cutters, which are significantly cheaper than specially manufactured cutters. Additionally, the slower rotor rotation speed of MeriCrusher compared to their competitors significantly reduces wear and tear.



The MeriRoad equipment cover a complete machine chain for the maintenance of gravel roads and recycling of asphalt roads.

  • Stone crushers and soil stabilizers for tractors
  • Tractor grader
  • Tractor compactor

For a hardened, potholed road lacking the necessary maintenance layer for grading, it can be renovated using the crushing method. There are various approaches to gravel road maintenance depending on the condition and circumstances of the road. Generally, the methods can be categorized as follows:

  1. Rehabilitation of road maintenance layer (8-12 cm)
  2. Road base rehabilitation (20-30 cm)

Rehabilitation of road maintenance layer. In this method, any good material at the edge of the road is graded back onto the road, while poor material is graded away. Subsequently, the road is crushed to a depth of approximately 8-12 cm, creating a new maintenance layer free from large stones. After crusher, the surface is compacted with a MeriPacker vibrating plate. Following compaction, the road is profiled with a MeriGrader, and finally, it is compacted again. If needed, a thin layer of gravel can be spread on the surface. The result is a new wearing course that allows for proper spring and autumn maintenance through grading.

Road base rehabilitation. In road base maintenance, the road is opened up deeper, and stabilizing agents are added to strengthen the road base. Depending on the site, large stones can be removed with an excavator rake. After raking, stabilizing agent is applied either as a powder onto the road or liquid directly to the crushing process. The road is crushed to a depth of 25-30 cm, and the stabilizing agents mixed to the crushed gravel. Water can be sprayed into the crushing process if needed to expedite the solidification of the stabilizing agent. After crushing, the road is compacted with a MeriPacker and profiled with a MeriGrader. Finally, the road is compacted again, and, depending on the site, the edges of the ditch are tidied. If necessary, a thin layer of gravel can be applied on the road surface.

The MeriRoad RC-series crushers reach 20-45 centimeters working depth. All materials, including stones, are crushed, resulting in a uniform maintenance layer. The advantage of the crushing method is that earth materials do not need to be transported away, and new gravel does not need to be brought in. This significantly saves on material and transportation costs, speeds up the work, and is much more environmentally friendly.



Mulchers are the ideal tool for removing ice from roads, parking areas and paths in wintertime. Mulchers can even handle large chunks of ice that typical snow blowers, plows and blades cannot. Whereas plows and blades rely on the speed and mass of the tractor, they are not suitable for clearing tight spaces that require a lot of stopping and starting.

In addition, when crushing snow and ice on top of gravel roads, the mulcher can be used so that it reaches the gravel road itself to provide a layer of gravel on top of the snow and ice. Alternatively, the crushed snow and ice can also be removed easily afterwards using a traditional plow or snow blower.

MeriCrusher mulchers can even be specified with a snow blower to remove the crushed snow and ice at the same time.

Crushing of ice requires relatively high rotor speeds, so our smaller MJ and MJS series models are most suitable for these tasks. They are also relatively light and agile, so they can be used with smaller, more affordable and lighter tractors.

Ice and hard packed snow can also be removed by using hydraulic compact loaders with our MC4-series mulchers. The smallest MC4- series hydraulic mulchers require just 30 horsepower and can be attached to any skid steer and compact loader. Making the combination perfect for removing snow and ice from yards, parking areas, cross roads and other tight places.


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